“By driving the enlightened way, your car will become your template of kinetic meditation and relaxation, a university of good will, and canvas of warmth, love and inner peace.”

-Stephan Niemen


“Driving The Enlightened Way” – the power to overcome driving anxiety and to master the spirit of safe driving. This audio program is designed to be your driving companion, to create momentum for you to drive with ease, and to empower yourself to conquer the stress of being on the road. This auditory course was created as a result of the growing need for people to transform their precious time spent in traffic into a relaxing, positive, educational and spiritual experience.



“Driving The Enlightened Way” is an excellent rendition of an upcoming book by the same title. The audio book is performed by Actor Camden Toy who does an impressive job with the reading. Stephan Niemen’s nurturing writings reveal simple, yet powerful driving safety thoughts woven together with the magic of musical relaxation. The CD will make you release your stress on the road and is intended to permeate one’s driving philosophy with a pleasant positive atmosphere.

Stephan Niemen uses his two decades as a Driving Anxiety Coach and as a researcher to make this CD enjoyable, usable, and memorable. This is the perfect answer to your stressful commute. In addition, this audio program provides practical and usable strategies related to being a safer driver on the road.